What’s wrong Kate Chandley, don’t you get any attention back home?

Kate Chandley is that your face Or did your neck just throw up Whats wrong Kate Chandley, dont you get any attention back home?

Kate Chandley, is that your face Or did your neck just throw up?

Kate Chandley invented a fantastic article published on 21/4/2014, titled “Behind the Egyptian Junta’s Iron Curtain” on HUFFINGTON POST . She didn’t make any searches or investigations before publishing this piece of morons guide, because it was much easier for her to just copy, paste and then she was ready to fart her article in our face. All links she provided were from other news agencies and Human Bribed Rights Organizations, without any investigations or deep searches.

She didn’t even bother to check the fantastic fabricated death toll she mentioned about Muslim Brothers. I guess she was watching the End of The world when she was copying and pasting.

When she wrote about the death sentence of 528 Muslim Brothers, she said just because of killing one man, they got death sentence! No Miss piggy, it wasn’t just one man! I guess those who asked you to write this article, instructed you not to bother getting the real story from the original source, so it would be easier to publish whatever serve their agenda.

Your 528 Muslim Brothers tortured and killed the deputy of Matay police station, distorted his body while he was dying.

Doctor Aly Hassan Ibrahim, Muslim Brotherhood doctor worked in general hospital of Matay, 35 years old, participated in killing the police deputy of Matay, by deliberately left him bled to death, removed the solutions from his arms and hit him with a gas cylinder in the emergency reception!

Your 528 Muslim Brothers also shot, killed and injured 16 others policemen and 4 officers in the same police station, and released arrested convicted prisoners from the police station, broke into the armory, stole police weapons and later in the same day attacked the hospital where the injured policemen were hospitalized, so that witnesses would be eliminated!

In addition, those 528 terrorists burned the general office of the governorate in Matay, they stopped ambulances and fire trucks from reaching the place to control the fire and rescue injured citizens.

They also attacked and burned churches and public and private properties like School Jesuit priests and nuns, burned private shops of Christians in Alhusseiny alkebly street, attacked Third Apostolic Church, destroyed the medical center and burned two tourists boats “Alzahabeya” and “Iskander”, because the owners were Christians!

This is a video showing the deputy while he was dying, and Muslim Brothers who got convicted of torture, killing trying to distort the body of a dying man, feel free to translate it to English and hear them saying that they waned to make sure he was dead and wanted to piss on him and torture his body to make sure that he was dead.

Miss forging facts, do you know now why they got this sentence? Or do you want me to sing it for you?!

Miss Kate Bin Lying also incited the Obama’s administration against Egypt and asked Obama to insist that political dissidents be released, laws restricting public assembly be lifted, the Muslim Brotherhood be declassified as a terrorist organization and allowed to participate in all aspects of public life, and criminal investigations be launched into the unlawful use of lethal force and abuse of detainees by security officials, and US to punish Egypt by not providing any Aid, till Egypt ask for forgiveness from Mommy America and kneel with obedience!

If you support the rights of terrorists, why don’t you host them in your country? You already have a lot of them there, and I’ll remind you soon, if you still alive of course, that harboring terrorists, harvest terrorism!

Hey, Sisterhood Kate Chandley, you said they were condemned to death just for killing one man. I guess if that man was your son or father, you would still support terrorism.

If you think that Egyptians really care for your Obama’s Aid you are totally mistaken, If you think that Egypt is a slave of your master Obama, you are again mistaken. Ask Egyptians who live history in Egypt on a daily basis, what do they think of US Aid or relations with the Stares? They want that Egypt cut all kinds of relations with the United Muslim Brothers States of yours.

The people who are addressing this article to you,are Egyptian people who revolted and risked their own lives on 30/6 against religious fascism, against terrorism, against high treason and conspiracies, against changing our 7000 years entity and civilization, against targeting and massacring minority and moderate Muslims, against slaughtering Christians and burning their homes and Churches, against dragging us to dark ages, against marriage of girls at age of 9, Against hatred and incitement speeches, against releasing terrorists elements by presidential pardon! What do you know about Egyptians sufferings and pains under Muslim Brotherhood rule, except what you have been instructed to write, Kate Bin lying?

You lost our respect when you insulted our country. We despised you, the minute you dared accusing our Brave Armed forces of these fabricated stories of yours. We considered you a disgrace, when you attacked our police forces who are getting killed every day while protecting us. Shut up this ugly mouth of yours, and if you want to learn about what is really happening in Egypt, come and visit us here in Cairo, but be aware that you might get a shot in the head, or your body gets blown-up with a planted bomb, by those terrorists you are defending fiercely.

We do not allow idiots like you, to insult our military, or describe them as mercenaries, and calling you an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people, because in this throwing-up article of yours, you just wrote that you felt so stupid and ignorant, and It’s okay to feel what you are!


Eman Nabih

Soha Moussa

Badoor Moussa

Khaled Badawy

Laila Seif

Hossam Mursy

Ahmed Ads

Heba ahmed

Ahmed Helmy

Riham Ramzy

Magmag Ramzy

Abeer Whede

Fatma Mohamed

Nadine Farouk

Mona Youssef

Soad Abd El-Rahman

Mohamed Adel

Amal Abd Elbasset

Manal Helmy


The Sponsors of Terrorists in Syria are now sponsoring a similar campaign against Egypt

The Liberation Army in Libya created by Muslim Brotherhood and sponsored by Qatar Obama Turkey Hamas and Iran 300x172 The Sponsors of Terrorists in Syria are now sponsoring a similar campaign against EgyptWorld Tribune published on 14/4/2014,  Turkey, Qatar and Obama are supporting what they called “Egyptian Liberation Army”, similar to Syrian liberation Army, to turn Egypt to another Syria.

All the information released so far, confirmed that this “Egyptian liberation Army“, is not a conspiracy theory anymore, but a reality exists on the real ground.

According to different sources, the attempts to create a Free Egyptian Army in Libya have been identified, with the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and Al Qaida, and under US- Qatari-Turkish-Iranian patronage, in addition to plans to target vital installations, including Cairo International Airport, the storming of prisons to free Muslim Brothers detainees, and spreading chaos to sabotage the presidential elections in Egypt. Furthermore, there are factories run by Terrorists camps located in Gaza and Libya for manufacturing the uniform of the Egyptian Armed and police forces.

Some Libyan fronts provided the Egyptian concerned authorities with information contains plans and documentations which exposed the plans of the “Liberation Army” to attack military units and establishments in Matrouh City in Egypt, and the terrorists elements offside to the Delta cities in Egypt like Mansoura and Sharqia cities. The information also revealed that Muslim Brotherhood managed to include African elements in joining the “Liberation Army” in return of a large amounts of money. And the Muslim Brotherhood International Organization’s support and finance to the “Rebels movement in Libya.

Intelligence bodies monitored an expected visit by “Anas Altikrity” a Muslim Brotherhood leader in the MB international Organization, to the “Liberation Army camps in Libya”. Right now, the “Liberation Army” is working under the symbol of “The Islamic Liberation Army of Libya”, in order to prevent that Egypt interfere in Libya with a military attack to hit terrorists camps, especially after the Egyptian Armed Forces announcement, the creation of “Rapid Deployment Forces” For fighting Terrorism.

Abd Elbasset Azuz, the counselor of Ayman Al-Zawahiry (Al Qaeda leader) is handling the supervision and the establishment of the “Liberation army” camps and training in Sirte, Benghazi and Dirna cities in Libya, with the assistance of Yussef Taher, Ismail Alsalaby and the Egyptian Sarwat Salah Shihata (who was arrested recently in 6 October city in Egypt by the Egyptian concerned authorities) and he provided the Egyptian authorities with a lot of information about the Liberation Army in Libya and their plans.

After the arrest of Sarwat Salalh Shihata in Egypt, he was replaced by Nasser Alhushy. Further information also revealed that Alsalaby who is the founder of the liberation army in Libya, has a very good and close relations and communications with Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Muslim Brothers consider him the Intelligence responsible of Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and he is the mediator and the link between Muslim Brothers of Egypt and Muslim Brothers of Tripoli Libya.

Video of Call recording of Ismail AlSalaby the leader of “Liberation Egyptian Army in Libya and the Intelligence responsible of Muslim Brotherhood Organization in Libya. In this call he was discussing 3000 militants entry to the Egyptian territories to execute terror attacks with a guy called Abd ElSalam. They were also arguing with each other about who was the Boss and who was in control of giving orders and having control on things in general and special tasks and the ammunition supplies. Islmail AlSalaby also threatened Abd Elsalam in this call that any traitor among them will get immediately terminated and assassinated.

According to security bodies in Egypt, General Sameh Alyazl revealed that this liberation army works under the leadership of “Sherif Alradwany” Egyptian terrorist element who participated in the Jihad wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan. He also mentioned that Mahmoud Ezzat the Muslim Brotherhood leader who managed to escape from Egypt after 30/6 revolt, is participating in instructing these terrorists groups in Libya and also the Muslim Brothers students in the Egyptian universities who recently joined the Liberation army and are launching terror attacks inside the universities in Egypt and against armed and police forces.

General Alyazl also indicated that Asaad Alshekha, former security counselor of Mohamed Mursi, was supervising personally the training and the arming of the Groups of Martyrs 17 February in Libya and he visited their camps when Mursi was in power. And Abd El Karim Belhag the former leader in Al-Qaeda organization and the revolutionaries leader in Libya is the attachment between the Qatari Intelligence and February 17th militias and he is transferring money to these terrorists from Doha.

Video, Muslim Brotherhood called for Islamists to join the Egyptian Liberation Army  dated 11 August 2013, Rabaa armed sit-in, Nasr City Cairo – Egypt. Subtitled in English.

Video of Conference held on 10/5/2013, when Muslim Brotherhood were in power. This conference had place in Al-Arish City Sinai. Attended by yussef Al-Qaradawy Muslim Brotherhood cleric and leader, Abd El-Rahman Abd El-Bar Muslim Brotherhood legal religious expert empowered to give rulings on religious matters, other Muslim Brotherhood leaders and clerics like: Abd Elsalam Bassiuny.

Abd Elsalam Bassiuny in this video incited against the Egyptian Armed forces and called for Islamist Jihad against the Egyptian Military – and confirmed that they must work on destroying the Army institution and God will support and help Islamist and Muslim Brothers in their jihad war against the Egyptian Armed forces.

The following video is showing armed forces of military militias convoys in Libya under the name of “Shura Council of Islamist youth of Dirna in libya”. It is also showing a long line of SUVS carrying medium and heavy weapons and going on a mountain road and carrying the black flag of Al-qaeda.

In another clip, a group of masked men performing military exercises in a desert area in libya, and they were dressed in black . They held the title of the section ” training the Mujahideen (Islamist militants), The second part of Islamic Emirate of Libya.”

The following video shows the huge quantities of ammunition and weapons in the Libyan desert that mercenaries and terrorists have in hands. Video dated 25/1/2012. Someone asked a very good question: Where the hell all this money come from???!!! It also looks like all these weapons were transferred and landed by some aircrafts!

Another video showing HAMAS terrorists and Muslim Brotherhood militias training in Gaza for the “Liberation Army” to launch terror attacks against Egypt and against the Egyptian armed forces. The video also shows the symbol of Muslim Brothers organization and “Rabaa’s armed sit-in sign” Four fingers, and Muslim Brotherhood flags.

Hey Obama Bin Lying, did you see this video? Your Muslim Brothers got trained to kill and slaughter Egyptian people? Are you blind? No you are not blind, you are a TERRORIST AND A CRIMINAL just like your Muslim Brothers.

According to many Egyptian military experts analysts, there is nothing called “Egyptian Liberation Army”, they are just a bunch of mercenaries and terrorists elements from different Jihad Organizations, groups and nationalities including Egyptians mercenaries, gathered in Libya and in other countries borders with Egypt, and they are getting trained and financed to get into the Egyptian territory through the borders between Egypt and Libya and other countries. All the concerned authorities in Egypt, including the Armed forces are aware of these terrorists camps in Libya and ready to launch military attacks in case of any terror attacks attempts against the Egyptian territory.

The US-MB-Qatari-Turkish-Iranian and Muslim Brothers patronage to terrorists camps are targeting to attack the Egyptian territory not only through the Egyptian Libyan borders, but also through other terrorists camps exist in Gaza, Sudan, Yemen and the terrorists leaders centers in Ankara, Tehran, Doha and Khartoum. In addition, to the terrorist attacks launched inside Egypt by Muslim Brotherhood and their militias, in order to bring down the Egyptian State.

Egyptian sovereign sources declared that the Egyptian concerned authorities have information that some responsible of the Iranian revolutionary Guards visited Libya in secrecy and had meetings with some Egyptian terrorists elements in “Al-Baroudy Gulf” Iranian Area, and agreed on Iran’s support to the leaders of the “Liberation Army” and to provide them with special wireless devices for decoding the Egyptian devices and night imaging devices to monitor the borders.

In addition, Egyptian sovereign sources confirmed that they monitored direct communications between officials responsible in Qatar and in Iran with the participation of a famous Turkish businessman who is the mediator man of Muslim Brotherhood organization, they discussed the recent situation in Egypt.

On 20/3/2014, Libya asked for International Urgent support and the United Nations help to Libya in fighting terrorism inside the Libyan territories, after many Libyan cities got under the control of different terrorists groups, specially the oil fields. Did the International community or the United Nations respond to the Libyan SOS? Of course not!

After the US and their allies Creative chaos project in the Middle East to deliver the Arab countries to Muslim Brotherhood and the illegal invasions  of  US and NATO to Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and the sponsorship and finance of terrorism in Syria, just take a close look of what is happening in these countries right now, and remember the fake democracy exported by force to our region through their bloody violent “Arab spring conspiracy”, and their political bribed activists and you will realize that the dirty hands of Obama and his allies are behind all this mess in the Arab region.


Libya is ruled by about 1700 different groups which include thousands of armed and terrorist Militias led by Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda Organization:

After the fall of Qaddafi’s regime in Libya which was sponsored and financed by US, NATO and the blessings of the United sponsors of terrorism Nations, Libya has no army and what’s left of it can’t do anything to protect the country. A useless temporarily Government that can’t even protect itself.   Libya is ruled right now by 1700 different armed groups of militias leading thousands of militants who serve the Muslim Brotherhood, Jihadi armed groups and Al Qaeda Organization.

Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda are controlling and ruling Libya. They are leading thousands of Armed Militias in Libya in launching terror attacks inside Libya against foreign diplomats, official institutions and the representatives of the temporary government, opposition parties, Christians and civilians. In addition to turning all cities in Libya to separate and divided Islamic Emirates ruled under Islamic Sharia Laws.

Libya’s shield or Derei Libya: It’s an Alliance militias from the coastal cities of the east and west of Tripoli, and specifically from Zawya in the West and Musrata in the East. It’s considered as a reserve Islamic Army and they were responsible for kidnapping Aly Zidan the prime minister of Libya in October 2013.

Musrata Militias and Groups: They possess huge military ammunition, which make them stronger than the Tripoli’s government and their weapons arsenals are spread in areas in Musrata City and they were responsible for killing citizens in Garghour Area in Tripoli which caused the death of many Libyan civilians.

The security superior committee: They have big influence in East of Libya and they work in coliation with Libya’s shield or Derei Libya and they are fighting the Militias of “Alzantan” Tribes.

Alzantan Militias: Militias tribes originally came from Alzantan desert area, and they committed the worst violations and crimes in Libya like Kidnapping, blocking roads and terrorizing civilians. They are led by General Kikaee and it also includes some of Qaddafi’s forces who got trained in Russia and they are controlling two oil fields in the west, since early 2013.

Salafi Jihadi Groups: include former members of Jihadi groups in Libya and among them, members in the national conference. Some of their militants participated in Afghanistan and Iraq Jihad wars and they were fighting with Al Qaeda organization. One of their factions is Ansar Alsharia who participated in assassinating the American Ambassador and the bombing of he US consulate in Benghazi Libya.

Supporters of the creation of Federal System in Barka: These militias call and work on independence of Barka Province in the east and they announced Barka’s government in November 2013 which included 20 ministers for the purpose of managing and ruling the province separately from Libya.

Troops of 17 February’s Martyrs: Represent the largest Militias in East of Libya and it consists of at least 12 troops and they possess a big quantities of weapons and ammunition and military training centers of about more than 3500 terrorist elements and they are launching terror attacks in East and south of Libya.

The Libyan people whether those who fled the country especially after terrorism has spread in Libya or those who can’t escape from Libya, they all reject terrorism and they want to fight terrorism. But what can they do and how can they stand in front of this brutal armed unmerciful pure evil terrorism that is swallowing their country!

Condemning the world for watching innocents and civilians getting slaughtered like sheep everyday, is not going to change this ugly bloody reality we were forced to deal with.  Will Egypt ever manage to save its national security from all these dirty conspiracies to turn the country to another Libya or Syria? Will Egypt ever manage to stand on its feet and becomes the leader of the Middle East Area again and the shield to protect other Arab countries against these terrorists and our mutual enemies?

I don’t have any doubts that Egypt is able and fully capable of fighting terrorism not only inside Egypt, but anywhere in this world and win this dirty fierce battle, and this is exactly what the conspired countries led by US are trying to stop us from achieving, they think that the clock will go back and they will be able to get Muslim Brothers to power again by supporting Muslim Brothers terrorists against Egypt.

And because the Egyptian Armed forces realized what kind of challenges and terrorism Egypt is facing, Before resigning from his post, Former Minister of defense Marshal Sisi checked the preparation and readiness of the “Airborne Rapid Deployment Forces” For fighting Terrorism, which includes the best highly trained special forces to execute special fast tasks anywhere whether inside or outside Egypt.

Long Live Egypt


Are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion?

Moheb Doss who is not any longer a member of Tamarod campaign and he was One of the five founders of the Tamarod Campaign the movement that led to protests which overthrown Muslim Brotherhood 300x171 Are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion?

Moheb Doss, I’m really impressed, I’ve never met such a small mind inside such a big head before!

Moheb Doss who is no longer a member of Tamarod campaign and he was One of the five founders of Tamarod Campaign, the movement that led to protests and overthrew Muslim Brotherhood Regime, claimed on 15/4/2014 BF, that his movement was taking orders from the Army. He also claimed that they were naive and were not responsible, and after the military gave 48 hours to Muslim Brotherhood regime to solve political problems diplomatically and peacefully, the poor thing realized that they were being used by the army. He also said that what 30/6 have led to, including Sisi’s candidacy for presidential elections, was not one of the campaign’s goals.

The question is: Why now did you volunteer to speak about this issue? Were you stupid and a big moron all this time, and only on 15/4/2014, you realized that what you have in your head was a brain and not a watermelon?!

I’ll tell you why. Because you had expectations and you didn’t get any! You did not start a rebel campaign to participate in saving your own country from fascism and terrorism, but to jump on others shoulders to steal a piece of the big cake and run away with it, but unfortunately, your head got bigger and your mind got smaller!

Who gave you the right to speak about the Egyptian people’s revolution and to talk on their behalf like this revolution was one of the properties you inherited from your ancestors? or like Egyptians are orphanages and retards and you are the one who will enlighten their path!?

Moheb Doss, you are a liar! Because you want us to believe that you were magnetized and deceived by the Army. You are a liar and a hypocrite, because on 5/10/2013 you wrote the following on beta masrawy news:”

Tamarod campaign is either going to support a candidate from the military institution or from the judiciary institution. Because the judge represents the state of law and the military represents the state of discipline and security.
Moheb Doss, one of tamarod's campaign founders said

In addition, on 5 October 2013, Moheb Doss confirmed to Youm7 newspaper the following:

Tamarod campaign has many views for the candidacy of Sisi the minister of defense, but the movement will support any presidential candidate from the military institution or the judiciary institution because both represents discipline, law, and both will turn the country to a strong state that respects the law.
Moheb Doss, one of tamarod's campaign founders confirmed


Mr. Moheb, if you are telling the truth, you don’t have to remember anything, but when you are telling lies, you need to have a very good memory!

Then, a rare disease damaged Mr. Moheb’s brain  after 5/10/2013, and it developed seriously on 26/10/2013.

Elshaab newspaper published a video and an article of Moheb Doss dated 26/10/2013. Moheb Doss accused his friends and colleagues in Tamarod campaign of taking money and bribes, from where, from who and how? he didn’t mention. He just accused them. He also mentioned that his colleagues received millions of pounds in their banks accounts from corrupted businessmen to switch the goals of the campaign, but he didn’t for instance go to the DA office and presented any official statements or documents to support his serious accusations against his colleagues. Moheb Doss was pissed off that he was not chosen among other Tamard members campaign to represent the movement in the amendment of the 2014 constitution before the vote on the referendum.

Moheb Doss had many chances to speak-up and tell this boring story of his, long time before April 2014, but he didn’t. I don’t understand this. Mr. Big Head, why you kept your mouth shut all this time, and just now you decided to speak-up? Don’t tell me, I know. The Armed forces kidnapped you and forced you to drink something yellow and threatened you if you ever speak-up, they could make a monkey out of you, but they are not going to take all the credit!

There is nothing easier than ruining others reputations, just by spreading the word. The law doesn’t admit words or claims to investigate with a defendant. The law depends on evidences and not Bla Bla bla accusations and cheap talking.

What is really absurd, is that a guy like Moheb Doss and many others like him whether in Egypt or outside Egypt who call themselves “Political Activists”, who complain all the time about others ruining their reputation and if any one has anything against them they must present it through the law, while they accuse others through some foreign English speaking newspapers or websites, instead of taking the right legal procedures to prove their claims. But I guess, “Political Activist became nowadays the job of the jobless

The 30th of June revolution succeeded for two reasons only, because millions of Egyptians took the streets against Muslim Brothers. If Tamarod campaign think that the petition they have gathered from Egyptians against Muslim Brothers were going to change anything, even if they managed then to gather millions of forms, they are totally mistaken. The other reason is that the military responded positively to people’s demand and prevented the country from a civil war.

We, the Egyptian people who took the streets with our own free will, no one bribed us or forced us to protest against Muslim Brotherhood. No one gave us orders to revolt against Muslim Brotherhood. Tamarud was just a drop in the ocean and not the whole ocean which exploded in the face of the Brotherhood.

30/6 was the Egyptian people’s revolution and not Tamarod’s revolution, it was the will of people and not the will of a group of rebels.

Now you realized that you were naive? You are certainly naive and stupid, because no one can force Egyptians to do anything if they don’t want to, not even Sisi himself. You are also stupid, because it is the street that is miles ahead of Tamarod, miles ahead of all crippled oppositions parties and elites who don’t have any popularity or influence in the Egyptian street.

30/6 is our revolution and not yours or the army’s revolution, keep talking moron, maybe one day you will surprise us and say something intelligent!

30/6 happened because we “The Egyptian people” wanted it to happen and not because it was planned like you claimed.

Keep challenging our will, keep spreading lies, you won’t achieve anything but our despise to people like you, who attack their country in a very critical period, while we are fighting terrorism, because you work for someone else’s agenda. You see, I never judge people based on what I think, I judge them based on their acts and what they declare from their own mouth.

Moheb Doss, you are one of those Egyptians who use English language in addressing their messages and letters to the west, instead of speaking Arabic mother tongue language and addressing your speech to your own people, Because you are totally aware that people in Egypt consider boys like you can be used as a blueprint to build an idiot.

And Mr. Moheb, I know you are nobody’s fool, but I’ll seriously remember you in my prayers, maybe someone will adopt you one day!