Dear Disgraceful European Union Members

european union double standard 300x171 Dear Disgraceful European Union Members

Your report published on 7/2/2014 about Egypt is an outrageous double standard policy that leaves me no choice but to tell you guys, that being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn!

We are no longer in shock whenever the EU members open their big mouth and address a double standard statement to Egypt. This is the same European union double standard policy which supported violent protesters in Ukraine in 2013, while totally ignored huge peaceful protests in Turkey and Spain! You guys have two definitions for everything, it all depends on who cooperates and who doesn’t! It doesn’t matter for you guys if a corrupted fascist regime in Turkey is smashing their own people and opponents, as long as the regime is an ally of yours or a US ally.

You did the same thing in supporting and rewarding the regime of  the Muslim Brothers, while they were killing us and dragging us to the dark ages, and still you dare to lie and claim that you support the people and their human rights!

EU showed solidarity with violent protests in Ukraine, but did not show any solidarity with peaceful protests in Turkey. You guys are practicing politics, exactly like someone is practicing obscene acts in public and daring to say “Yes I Can”!

If violent protests  were happening in Britain, France or Germany, like the ones took place in Ukraine or Egypt, These protesters would be considered terrorists or mobs and would be given very tough prison sentences. In Britain when there were riots, they had one man who wrote on Facebook, encouraging people to go to riot in a local town. He got sentenced to four years in prison!

In Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood published on their social medias accounts, addresses and full names of Egyptian police and military individuals including their children and families addresses and incited for slaughtering them, and the EU is telling our security forces to stop acting violently towards peaceful terrorists protests! If disgusting has another definition other than sickening, I would add your European Union as another definition to it.

The European Union’s report addressed to Egypt is already taken to the trash box of history, because this is exactly where it belongs. The EU should change the principles and main goals that it was first established on, in order to match with their disgusting reality. The EU doesn’t promote human rights whether internally or around the world. Human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights: These were the core values announced by EU which are totally contradictory to the EU real practices in reality. There is no difference between EU, US and UN, they are all united for their own interests and agendas even if those interests are going to be achieved by stepping on our own dead bodies.

European union barefaced double standard policy towards the middle east 300x291 Dear Disgraceful European Union Members

There is no equal human rights in the EU dictionary, telling our security forces to commit themselves to restraint and avoid violence while facing car bombs, explosive belts and bombs planted in the streets, and machine guns! What kind of restraint should they follow, when they are getting killed under their own homes and in front of their wives and kids?

Perhaps EU considers the Egyptian security forces don’t really belong to mankind and they can just accept to get killed and die silently so the European Union members can have their evening tea without any disturbing news! The EU is obviously still in mourning status on their beloved Muslim Brotherhood terrorists organisation overthrown by 30/6 revolution.

Which reminds me of EU President Herman Van Rompuy unveiled 5-billion-euro offer to Egypt as a reward for Muslim Brotherhood fascist terrorist transition and the dark ages 2012 constitution of their sweetheart darling Mohamed Morsi!

EU supports muslim brotherhood terrorist in Egypt 295x300 Dear Disgraceful European Union Members

There is no justice nor the rule of law in telling Egyptians to sit down and negotiate with terrorists who are committing terror attacks against the entire society on a daily basis. EU still wants to force Muslim Brothers on 80% of the Egyptian people. Egyptians are not rotten kids in the EU kinder-garden, and we don’t take orders from imbeciles. Your nose is getting bigger and bigger from interfering in our internal affairs with such unashamed interference.

Result breakdown of voting on the referendum of 2012 and 2014 Egypt 300x275 Dear Disgraceful European Union Members

Result breakdown of voting on the constitution referendum of 2012 and 2014 Egypt

There is no democracy in the EU dictionary, criticizing and attacking Egyptians for voting on the constitution referendum because the EU experts in idiocy, don’t agree on the constitution articles that concern Egyptians and not European people!

EU members reject this constitution that had more than 20 million voted yes, because the EU considers 30/6 a coup which smashed the Middle East creative chaos project announced by Miss Universe Condoleezza Rice in June 2005. When Rice visited Egypt and declared that if Islamist reached power in the Middle East, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be an obstacle for political reforms in the Middle East Region. Yes, tell me about the Islamist reforms Ms Condo Lying Rice!

There is no respect for human rights as long as the EU is in a deliberate total denial about MB crimes and terror attacks against the Egyptian people. In their shameful report, EU attacked and accused falsely the Egyptian state of using violence and didn’t mention a word on Muslim Brothers crimes and violence, or damage to private and public properties, and bombing of vital buildings that they commit daily in Egypt.

Ashton with Ahmed Maher 6 of April movement leader 300x191 Dear Disgraceful European Union Members

Ashton with Ahmed Maher 6 of April movement leader, the political activist who received foreign funds to apply democracy in Egypt

The EU did not forget to attack Egypt for applying the law against the representatives of civil community and political activists who betrayed their own country and people and accepted to apply fake democracy for foreign funds. EU also told Egypt that they must leave whether locals or international representatives to move and work freely in Egypt. I didn’t know that Egypt is a part of the EU’s inheritance left by their ancestors!

Ms Catherine Ashton, Egyptians know who you are supporting and why. Egypt is not going to release traitors, criminals or outlaws from jails, because Egypt is applying its own laws and not your EU orders.

How about if I invite Al Qaeda members, or Hamas members, they are both the military wing of Muslim Brothers organization to protest under the members of EU homes, carry their swords, black flag and some machine guns and claim that they are human beings and have rights!? Would this be acceptable?! Ms Catherine Ashton was asked this direct question in one of her visits by one of Tamarud campaign’s members who started the 30/6 revolution. Her answer was definitely no, she doesn’t accept it. Meantime, Ms Ashton didn’t bother to visit any Christian family who got a son killed by MB or a church burned, but she was very concerned about Mohamed Morsi’s health and the kind of food he was served to fill his big belly with!

I guess that Ms Ashton can ask one of her friends in the civil community organizations or foreign NGOS, how much would they pay me to apply democracy in Egypt? I’m sure they know that the cost of living is very expensive and I need to get a part time easy job to increase my monthly income. So, how much would they pay me to spread their democracy in Egypt?!

The EU double standard policy and lies  obviously became a pillar of their union.  The EU don’t relate to democracy, but they pretend to be democratic. I don’t see any democracy in EU’s support of fascist terrorists regime in any country!

You guys will never learn from history, not because you are ignorant, but because you are liars and hypocrites by nature, you know that you are deceiving Egyptians like you are deceiving your own people, declaring these big speeches about support to human rights and democracy, while you are the ones who are violating human rights.

European Union members, you are hypocrites and hypocrites get offended by the truth. And from now on, this is he truth you are going to hear from Egyptians.

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  • I never said I was Muslim…

    I just agree with the Muslims about several things.

    Satanism is a Jewish cult.

  • Gehen Sie saugen eine Schrotflinte, liegen Jude…

    • Gillian

      Ficken rassistische stechen, das ist ungefähr so ​​intelligent, wie man bekommen kann! Kein Wunder, dass du den Krieg zweimal verloren.

    • All you have is your hatred for the Muslim.

      It is the Jew who loses the most in peace between the Muslim and the Christian.

      You hate the Christian more than the Muslim, but expect the Christian to spill the blood of his children to defend your Israel.

      I simply wash my hands of you like Pontius Pilate… I have no cause to defend you.

      Karma is a bítch…

    • Gillian

      And what do Jews lose in the event of peace? At the moment it is Christians who are losing the most because they are being ethnically cleansed by Muslims in the Middle East and no-one speaks out other than Jews & some other Christians. Christians are being driven out of their countries by Muslims in Africa as well as places like Indonesia and Malaysia. I speak for them but you are too busy spouting your ignorance to do anything. Whilst I have no interest in you, I do speak out for the suffering. You see that is the difference of Judaism and one of the reasons it is so superior to ignorant uneducated idiots who pretend to practice a form of Christianity. Instead you abuse Jews because it is easy. It is why I speak for those Muslims who suffer and those who suffer because of those who believe that they are superior to Christians, Hindus, Sikhs….

    • Just how does a Jew get to heaven from dry humping the Wailing Wall like Miley Cyrus?

      “I won’t argue with you about what you believe.” (Eman Nabih)

      The Jewish owned international media is on an anti-Christian fággot jihad.

      Go dry hump your Wailing Wall like a good Jew.

    • Gillian

      Go back on your meds like a good little fascist and hump hitler instead. You really are a waste of space!

    • Just how does a Jew get to heaven from dry humping the Wailing Wall like Miley Cyrus?

  • Bir av tufegi emmek git, Yahudi ibne…

    • Gillian

      As I said, try your meds again.

    • Gehen Sie saugen eine Schrotflinte, Schwuchtel Jude…

  • Eman Nabih

    This is not true. I’m a Muslim woman and I never felt that I’m a second class citizen. Listen my friend, There are many women in the middle East who participate in violating their own rights. It is the woman who teach her son that he should marry a woman who are not a widow or divorced when it is his first marriage. It is the woman who feels happy when her son have a girl friend or communicate with girls and she doesn’t allow her daughter to speak to her male colleagues or to have a man or a boy as a friend. There are many women who participate in this inequality and not Islam. Islam treats women and men equally. It allows 4 wives not for the pleasure or enjoyment, it allows it in certain circumstances, and the first wife has the right to approve it or reject it. So it is up to the woman to accept that her husband marry another one or not. She also has the right to divorce him. Let me ask you something, in the western country there are many married men who get into other affairs, and many married women who do the same. Does the law punish them for having other affairs than with their spouses? It is illegal and inhumane and not fair to have a wife or two when there are good reasons, and it is fair and great to have more than one affair without marriage. In the past, Muslims were marrying 3 or 4 wives without even seeing them just to support them, like widows who lost their men in battles and needed a man to support her and her kids. Men misuse their rights in Islam, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with Islam. Those who allow their girls to marry at a young age, it has nothing to do with Islam, but it has everything to do with ignorance.

    • You would make a good wife…

    • Gillian

      Then you are lucky. I spend a lot of time doing human rights and see the appalling suffering of Muslim women. Try Afghanistan where they cannot inherit their husband’s estate and are thrown out with their children to die or survive as a prostitute or Indonesia where a raped teenage girl is lashed to death. Try Iran where they hang them instead. Islam, towards women, breaches the UN Convention of Human Rights. Even in the West they are forced into submission by the community. As for treating women equally, you have obviously not read the Koran or any supporting texts. Also remember that women go to hell and men go to heaven. Some women may be healed and sent to heaven to be one of the 72 virgins and 12 pre-pubescent boys given.

      Try this:

    • Eman Nabih

      I studied my religion for 6 years by the way, in Al-Azhar university. I was raised in a catholic school and then I finished my university’s study in Al-Azhar section french for literature and translation. I was studying 13 subjects. 5 of them were about everything that relates to Islam, the rest were french studies. I’ve learned my religion with my heart and then my brain. I love it because I understood it. You are mixing issues here. Who told you that Iran works according to Islam? Who convinced you that Afghanistan follows what Islam said? You are mixing the wrong interpreters with Islam. So sad. When a christian commit a crime, I never and dare not to say a christian committed a crime. But since 9/11, the world consider us the usual suspects. Islam is not responsible for crimes committed under the name of Islam. Each verse in the Quran came for a specific reason and particular circumstances. Islam did not force a man to marry 4 wives, Islam allowed it when there are good reasons for it. What Iran is applying is not Islam, it’s not principles of Islam, they are applying provisions of Islam. Provisions are not what god and his prophet said, but what Muslim men in the past said, who gave themselves the right to explain what God and the prophet said to translate it the way they understood it. Those women you talked about in Iran and Afghanistan, they are oppressed by the male father community they are living in and not by the religion. I believe that all of us are adoring the same one God. All good comes from our God, all bad comes from mankind. I believe in Mohamed like I believe in the Christ and they are both messengers of God. I’m sorry to tell you that you are mixing Islam with the wrong interpreters. I’m not going to force you to believe something that your brain is refusing, I’m just asking you not to mix the wrong interpreters with the religion.

    • Gillian

      If you studied Islam then you were taught by a man who could be wrong in his interpretation. There is no reason why those Muslims and ex-Muslims could not be right. You cannot have it both ways which is what you are trying to do.

    • Eman Nabih

      I’m not going to repeat my self and I won’t argue because I hate arguing. I studied Islam from the original source and not from the interpreters. Listen my friend, it is very healthy to disagree, and I’m not forcing my believes on you. I stand for all human beings and I don’t look to their colors or religions, I’m not extremist. I believe in God and all his prophets and I’m proud of being Muslim and I fight for any one and everyone who needs support for the right and fair cause. You are free to believe what you want and so am I, as long as we respect each others beliefs and differences, even if we disagree with each others. It is as simple as this. Islam doesn’t need me to defend it, it speaks for itself. If you think that we are adoring different Gods, then I won’t try to convince you of the contrary. I respect people’s traditions, civilizations, religions beliefs. and I don’t attack them or mix issues like you are doing even if they are totally different than my own believes…That’s fine as long as I live and let others live. I’m against all kinds of extremism, whether Muslims or Christians.What I learned from Islam in one sentence: is that my freedom ends, the minute I go out from my house, because then it starts the freedom of others….

    • Eman Nabih

      You don’t represent the truth, neither am I. No one is. But I see that you really believe that what you think you know about Prophet Mohamed is the exclusive facts and truth. I don’t accept that you offend him based on what you think is the exclusive representation of facts. This is not leading us anywhere but arguing. I will tell you one thing and this is how I’m going to handle your offends towards prophet Mohamed. There was a Jew who used to put trash and thorns in front of Prophet Mohamed’s house. One day, Mohamed went out and didn’t find any trash or thorns in front of his home, he asked his followers what happened to the Jew? They said he was sick. Mohamed went to the Jew and visited him. This story’s message is about tolerance and neighbors rights towards each others and good Muslim is the one who doesn’t respond to the offense by another offense. Just like in Christianity, turn the other cheek! It’s about tolerance and not any other thing. I don’t want to discuss religion any further with you, because it makes me sad that you refuse to understand, and you are free about your choices, but it really makes me sad and I also love Prophet Mohamed and his teachings and because I understand his teachings I’m trying to follow it in dealing with others, no matter how you or others will offend me or offend my religion simply because you and many others know nothing about Islam or Mohamed. Please try to understand what I’m trying to tell you here. Let’s agree on our fight against extremism and terrorists, this we need to concentrate on, but please don’t offend any more my prophet or my religion because it hurts me so much and we are not communicating well in this regard. Concentrate on the main issue, Because terrorism has no religion or homeland. Call it whatever you want, but killing and terrorizing have nothing to do with religion but it has everything to do with taking over power to rule countries and Islam has nothing to do with it. Terrorists are criminals by nature, this is what I believe, whether they believe in a religion or not. This who kills others loses his humanity the minute he decides to harm others, doesn’t matter then what religion he believes in. If his humanity did not stop him from harming others, it really doesn’t matter what religion he is folliwng

    • Gillian

      You are happy with your truths and I support your right to believe them. I don’t support extremism in any religion or other kind of belief.
      I do not agree with anything that you think about Islam and would point out that you are interpreting the Koran despite what you think. A prophet that writes on how to abuse a new born baby girl, does so with a 6 month old baby, marries her at the age of 6 years and continues to do so then forcibly has sex with her when she is 9 years old, is not a person that I can respect in any way, shape or form. Mohammed used his position to take whatever woman he wanted regardless of who she was. He was an untrustworthy bandit who came in peace, something very important to Arabs, to a tribe of 900 Jews and slaughtered them, raping a 17 year old girl half an hour after she had seen her father & husband brutally murdered in front of her. Mohammed passed her around like a piece of rubbish. To me, this is a person that no decent self-respecting individual, especially a woman, should speak of except with contempt. If you can look past this and his other actions then that is entirely up to you. Many self-respecting Muslims can’t and ignore the later part of the Koran which replaces the earlier part. Others convert but these people, according to Mohammed, must be killed. It is an attitude that I personally find unacceptable. If you are happy with it then that is fine.

    • Eman Nabih

      By the way, the content of the link you sent, is written by a man, not by God. Islam is just two: Quran and what Prophet Mohamed said, if you really want to learn about Islam, read what is written in the book and don’t read what was translated by someone about the book. Like history my friend. If you live history, you know what is fact and what is a lie, when you don’t live history and you read what others who were not neutral wrote about history you won’t get the right story. You need to choose carefully your original sources to get the right information

    • Gillian

      Mohammed was an illiterate male who came down from a mountain and told a scribe what to write, repeatedly. It allegedly came from an angel and not from any god. Much of it was written after Mohammed’s death. I would point out that Mohammed had severe mental health problems and that Allah was a moon god, evidenced from the crescent on the flag. Mohammed was a bandit who was untrustworthy and sex mad. He took any female he wanted including his daughter-in-law, his dead aunt and a tiny baby girl.
      The religionofpeace is written by Muslims and ex-Muslims. I also have Muslim friends and some who have converted because they have truly studied Islam. I started to study Islam but could not continue as it made me physically nauseous. I am also aware that the English translations have been whitewashed as words such as “fitna” and their true translation is unacceptable to those of us in the West.
      It does not stop me supporting Muslims and their fight for freedom as long as that is what they want. I condemn the hatred that is taught and the second class citizenship of women.
      And, if the comments sent to you have been written by man it does not stop the entries in the Qu’ran or the other religious books clearly putting women into second class status. I see that you did not comment on that.
      And as for Muslim terrorism, there are 109 quotes in the religious texts telling Muslims to kill, subjugate or tax (jizya) non-Muslims. I regularly see abuses committed around the world by many different groups of people but if you look at terrorism internationally then 60% of it is committed by Sunni Muslims alone leaving the rest of the various Muslim communities and non-Muslims committing terrorist acts. Of course, not all terrorist acts are against non-Muslims, much of it is against other Muslims. However, while it is true that not all Muslims are terrorists, most terrorists are Muslim.

  • Eman Nabih

    In my opinion this lady should be appointed in the ministry of foreign affairs, she will do a great job handling all those who are attacking Egypt

  • Amr Fahmy

    Excellent Eman,as usual,I even couldn’t resist sending it to someone I know in the EU commission
    Thank you again

  • Eman Nabih

    Dear Gillian,

    I’m a moderate Muslim and proud of my religion. There is nothing wrong in Islam, but everything is wrong with those who interpret Islam. There is a big difference between principles of Islam and provisions of Islam. Principles are what God and our prophet said. Provisions are what the Interpreters have put efforts in explaining what God said based on their own opinions and views and the way they understand the religion. Islam is a religion of Peace and tolerance, it’s just those extremists who are smearing the image of Islam of what they claim and do. Extremists take advantage of people’s ignorance and brain wash them and make them believe what they want and not what Islam said. They cut from the verses of Quran and when they do this the whole meaning is totally changed. Islam did not say to allow the marriage of children, but wrong interpreters did. If you read what Islam said about women and children rights, it gave them rights and respect and dignity other than what MB did to us when they were in power. Islam provided us with principles of what is wrong and what is right and gave us the choice to make its principles fit for the time and place we are in. For instance, this issue of cutting hands of the thief, this is the provision and not the principle. The principle is to punish the thief when he steals with a punishment that suits the time and the society’s rules and laws, which is prison sentence. Muslim brothers allowed the marriage of children at 9 years old. This is not what Islam said, it is what MB decided. The law exist now in Egypt, and the 2014 constitution protects women and children rights and commit the State to protect and apply those rights, it also makes all citizens equal in front of the law and allows the freedom of beliefs. Even when you have such laws and rules that are guaranteeing citizens rights, the law can not change people’s beliefs, unless they have the will to change themselves first. The problem is that there are many ignorant people who violate the law and their children’s rights. When we are going to have social justice and good education system, we will be able to change many things. Putting into consideration that this won’t end the problem. Bin Laden was very rich and very well educated and he was not brain washed, he became an extremist and a terrorist with his own free will, it will never end, but at least if we do efforts to fight extremism, we will be able to succeed in eliminate it.

    Thank you,


  • Gillian

    The money to Egypt reminds me of Iraq and Sadam Hussein. The US gave Hussein large sums of money to help Christians and Jews but, instead, the money bought weapons for the army. America has dome terrible damage in the Middle East by their constant meddling and interfering. All of the old leaders, such as Gadhafi, were appalling dictators but the countries were relatively stable. Now, under the Muslim Brotherhood, worse atrocities happen and the world looks away!

    • Eman Nabih

      Gillian, we all made mistakes but it is very important that we learn from these mistakes and don’t fall in the same hole twice. Despite everything that is going on around us, I’m so proud of our 30/6 revolt and awakening and I have confidence in my people and our armed forces with no limits. We have taken the first step in the right path, despite challenges and war against terror, I have no doubts at all that we are going to win this war, it will take time but at the end, we will win this battle against those who are trying to drag us backwards. Thank you for your comment and thank you for your support, it is very precious to us here to know that there are people out there who care for us.


    • Gillian

      My concern is for those who suffer especially the young children, women, gays and non-Muslims. The new Egypt contains many extremists who want to keep an extreme form of Islam going but I am pleased that this new government is looking to change that. Egypt has, potentially, a great future. I hope that it comes.

    • Eman Nabih

      Extremists are everywhere and not just in Egypt. Extremism is just like bad and good are there since God created earth. They won’t just vanish. But they at least know there real size, when we fight them with better education system and better living circumstances and smash ignorance, then they will have 2 choices, either to get along with the community or to find a place some where out there in the desert, and we do have plenty of rooms there…I’m not supporting gays rights by the way, I believe in how god created us everything is made in this world from a male and a female, I also believe that men corrupted nature and earth. You are free to support whoever you want of course, I’m not against this, I just wanted to tell you about where I stand when it concerns gays and why…

      Thank you


    • Those great debts really knock me out
      They kick the West’s behind
      Angela’s blubbery cellulite is hanging out
      That EU troika is always on my, my, my, mind

      Take me to the Carpathian mountains way down South
      Let me foreclose your daddy’s farm
      All the way the bankers’ hands are reaching out
      Come and grease your comrade’s palm

      I’m back in the EUSSR
      You don’t know how lucky you are… boy

      Back in the EU
      Back in the EU
      Back in the EUSSR

    • Eman Nabih

      And in other words?

    • It is a parody song on the Beatles’ “Back in the USSR.”

      (By the way, I am very fond of Egyptian music, it is incredibly literate and complex… the old English rock and roll titans Led Zeppelin did quite a bit of music with the Egyptian orchestra…)

    • Eman Nabih

      I see. Thank you for the explanation


    • All men are born of a woman… The Koran allows a man to have four wives and is more consistent with the truth of nature.

      The homosexuals desire their own extinction, I don’t care if someone is willing to give it to them… I wash my hands like Pontius Pilate, they are not worth defending and I do not have to protect them, they are an enemy of children and women… Nothing is more misogynistic than a male homosexual.

      The Jewish owned Western media is on an anti-white, anti-Christian fággot jihad.

      Many African countries have criminalized homosexuality, they are no longer slave colonies for white Western perverts.

    • Ben Dragon Saparis duyuyorum… Satanism is a Jewish cult…

      All of the Jews in the American government are America hating socialists.

      I will not fight a war to protect them, they are my enemy.

      If Vladimir Putin is the next Charlemagne, all I ask is that my uniform fits well, because I can prove myself on the battlefield as a knight of St. George.