Foreign journalists in Egypt are not above the law

The press is definitely affecting people’s lives and countries. It can be a positive tool in building a country and it can also be Foreign journalists are not above the law in Egypt Foreign journalists in Egypt are not above the lawdangerous tool in destroying a country. The main job of the Press is to seek and report truth with accuracy, is to be neutral and unbiased, is to be brave and not arrogant in accepting criticism and acknowledge to correct mistakes. 

Journalists and reporters whether foreigners or Egyptians are not above the law. They are not saints and they are definitely not exempted by the law. The practice of  journalism profession is a big responsibility. Irresponsible journalists who use their freedom of speech as a pretext to publish whatever serve a certain agenda, and misled their readers to turn the public opinion with or against a certain direction, they are certainly not journalists, but mercenaries.

Freedom of speech is the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint, but there is no absolute rights without law regulations. Even in a country like the USA, there are laws that organize the practice of citizens rights, and journalists in the USA get punished by the law when they violate it just like any other citizen. Respecting the law and its provisions is not oppression against any citizen, and it is not against the press freedom of speech.

Foreign journalists claim that their freedom of speech is being violated by the Egyptian state, while the truth is, they are the ones who are violating our society’s rights by publishing false news on a daily basis. I call this a direct insult and deliberate humiliation to my people. Egypt is a third world developed country and we are not ashamed of it, but Egyptians are certainly not morons nor ignorant. We read what the foreign press is writing about our own internal affairs and we have the right to criticize and expose foreign press when they fabricate news about Egypt.

What foreign press and media are practicing in relation to Egypt can not be placed under freedom of speech category, but it is placed under incitement on terrorism.

Who is violating whose rights in Egypt?

Foreign press are unleashing verbal abuse, accusing the Egyptian official institutions of corruption, oppression, crimes against humanity, framing evidences and trials, tyranny, dictatorship. Foreign press are deliberately publishing false news about the Egyptian Armed forces that can have bad impact on their psychological state. Foreign journalists and the US group deployed against Egypt, work on destabilizing the country, harming its national security and territorial integrity, they are supporting terrorism and they participate in inciting terror attacks against the Egyptian society. They encourage discord and division and incite violence and extremism in Egypt.

Foreign press are accusing judges, judiciary authorities, armed forces, police, media of corruption. They give themselves the right of interfering in Egypt’s internal affairs and they are giving us orders on releasing criminals and convicted of serious terror crimes and treason. They are lecturing us about democracy, either to get paid and accept their bribes to apply imported democracy, or to apply it by force by obeying and kneeling to their threats.

The law punishes those who shoot serious accusations against others without any evidence. Foreign press have a list of serious accusations against all institutions in Egypt without evidences but their own words and thoughts!

The physical evidence I have on foreign press and US working group against Egypt, are their own daily verbal statements and declarations and written articles inciting not only terrorism against Egypt, but they are also inciting their governments to apply sanctions against Egypt, because as they always claim Egypt can become a threat to US national security and interests in the middle East! They are also inciting Obama’s administration on threatening Egypt by the US conditioned Aid!

If foreign journalists and reporters in Cairo are claiming that they are fleeing from Egypt because their freedom of speech is violated, I’m telling them, please feel free in leaving my country, no one will ever miss you guys, you are polluting our air with your poisoned breath! Just leave my country because Egyptians do not welcome any one who is biased to terrorism on our territory.

If any one has contributed in spreading hatred and anger in Egypt against foreign journalists, it is the foreign journalists themselves. It is not acceptable that any foreigner lives on the Egyptian territory, participates in  inciting and encouraging terror attacks against the Egyptian people. Being a journalist doesn’t mean that we are going to welcome you, while you incite on destabilizing our country.

Muslim Brotherhood Organization are a terrorist group, like it or not, accept it or not, it won’t change the fact that they belong to terrorists camp. The law punishes those who violate it and this includes journalists who are supporting the terrorists camp against our society.

Foreign press think that their drums will make a great fuss in forcing Egypt to go to a certain direction, I’m telling them your drums are making fuss because they are empty!

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  • CRBG

    I agree that foreign journalists are not above the law. If they have fabricated news, if they have told outright laws, then please provide evidence or examples. Otherwise, if AlJazeera, for example, simply claims that the Egyptian government is corrupt without providing evidence, so what? That alone is not the same as inciting terror. Terrorism should be a serious charge that involves the targetting and killing of unarmed civilians. Journalism is not terrorism, though it can be used as a tool by terrorists. And even if journalists did fabricate news, yes, they should be punished, but not to the extent of accusing them of terrorism. Terrorism should be reserved for violent targetting of unarmed civilians.

    • Eman Nabih

      I don’t know what is your nationality, but I know that in any EU country or any state in the US, if any journalist for instance supports Al Qaeda and claim that they have rights and they are being oppressed and rent his newspapers for their ADS and interviews, I don’t think the US authorities will consider that he has any rights but to remain silent! and he will be accused of supporting a terrorist organisation. When the press is biased to a terrorist group and challenge more than 33 million Egyptians and make terrorists look like victims and support them against an entire society, this is not incitement against the society? Do you know how many Egyptian citizens, military and police individuals got killed since the 30 of June, because Muslim Brothers are still having the support of the western media and foreign governments? They are not going to give up violence as long as they have their support. Words kill too, when it turn to support to criminals and terrorists. Any journalist support terrorism against a society, is participating in their crimes and terror attacks. You need to ask those journalists, why they are deliberately ignoring 80% of the Egyptian people’s opinions and only publishing what their Muslim Brothers are telling them? Why they are ignoring autopsy reports that is exposing Muslim Brothers lies about their casualties? Why they are attacking us even when we are burying our martyrs? Why they refuse to respond or publish any articles by any Egyptian writer or activist who doesn’t belong to the MB group? Why they are inciting Obama’s administration to apply sanctions against Egypt? Why they are claiming that 30/6 was a coup and not a revolution? Why they are interfering in our internal affairs? Why they are telling us to release criminals and stop trials? What are they panicking from? from what the trials will reveal and expose all those who made dirty deals with MB? We don’t have any tolerance with any one who support terrorism against us. Game over! We had enough lies and those who don’t respect our law, can feel free to leave, the door is wide open.

    • The Jews own the media…

    • CRBG

      Ms. Nabih, I am an Egyptian citizen who lives in the West. I believe that the MB are a terrorist organization and that AlJazeera portrays the MB as victims; however, my beliefs and your beliefs are not enough when we address Westerners or Western news agencies.

      Westerners are sick and tired of hearing about the “War on Terror” because under George Bush, this was used as an excuse to limit civil rights. They do not believe that the MB is a terrorist organization just because the Egyptian government says so. They believe that there is a huge distinction between the MB and Al-Qaeda. They believe that the MB is a “moderate” Islamist group that won parliamentary and presidential elections not long ago. They believe that the ones who are attacking the Egyptian army and police are Islamist militias like “Ansar Beit al Maqdis” who have ties to AlQaeda, not the MB. They believe that AlJazeera is biased, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it supports terrorism (much the same way Fox News is a right-wing biased news agency, but that doesn’t mean it supports violence against innocent civilians in the name of God). They believe Egyptian media and government exaggerates the MB threat in order to justify and impose military dictatorship.

      Of course these are all naïve assumptions. That is why I am asking you to provide more supportive evidence of AlJazeera supporting terrorism or inciting violence in Egypt, textual examples of Al-Jazeera’s lies, evidence of MB relationship with the war in Sinai (besides Beltagy’s threats, which are perceived as empty, angry rhetoric, not real proof).

      In short, I agree with you, but you are preaching to the choir. You are speaking to people who already share your ideas. If you want to persuade the West (America in particular), please provide supportive evidence and examples of AlJazeera’s news reports that fabricate stories in order to support continued bombs and attacks in Egypt.

      Thank you for your patience.

    • Eman Nabih

      I already wrote articles and provided evidences on Aljazeera faked news about Egypt and other western media who were using Alzajeera as news source. Please don’t tell me that if I want to convince any one our there. Listen to me, I’m fighting for 3 years now and not just since MB reached power, don’t tell me to provide evidence, I already provided that in previous articles and not just through this site, but through other sites and I do send all what I’m writing directly to the ones I’m targeting, but they deliberately ignore it all…There are many who are doing the same thing I’m doing, it is not the lack of evidence, there are plenty of evidence, it is the deliberate blindness and ignorance.
      Those who don’t want to believe or ignore it, they can simply enjoy their deliberate ignorance, till one day soon, this pure evil will turn against them and declare war on them inside their territory. I live in Egypt and I’m in this battle for 3 years now, please don’t tell me to provide what I and others have provided before. Maybe you need to make some efforts in searching, instead of asking me to provide stuff that are there already…You need to make some efforts, since you are an Egyptian living abroad, what have you done to help in spreading the word, beside asking me after 3 years to provide “evidences”?! The evidences are there, do some efforts and search for the it, if you are really an Egyptian and you care.


    • That’s right Eman, you have written a lot, and I am very thankful for it. Everything you write is supported with a document, recording, or a video to prove what you say is the truth, and that is the way journalism should be! I am Aerican who lives in Egypt, my husband is Egyptian and we own a diving center in Sharm el Sheikh. I am an admin of a FB group based out of Texas and they get a full dose of all your information! The group, is a new group started in June 2013 has almost 600 members now from all over the US, they are all rooting for Egypt and have wirtten to their Congress reps and Senators with information I’ve shared with the them about Egypt! So you can know that every time you make a new post that at least 600 people in America see it, and share it with their friends and family! Thnk you so much for your hard work and effort! It is priceless!

    • Eman Nabih

      Thank you for your support and please let me tell you that even if there is only 1 person who cares out there, I appreciate it because the 1000 miles road starts with only one step, doesn’t matter how long it will take to reach the end of the road, as long as we continue to walk despite all challenges and difficulties. If just the world think a little bit based on logic and reasons, and realize that those 33 million Egyptians who revolted on 30/6, and the 20 million who voted on the constitution, have certain messages to send to the world, but the world is talking about our internal affairs, about us and didn’t bother to ask us what we want and seek for our country. The real Egyptians are not available on social media nor the internet, they are out there in every street and city in Egypt, they struggle daily to survive with dignity and independence, they are not the elites nor the well educated ones, but they discuss politics and daily problems they are facing better than any political expert. Those are the real Egyptians that no one bother to ask them about what is really going on in Egypt, because they are aware that what they are going to say won’t match with the fierce campaign many out there are launching against us.

      Thank you and God bless you


    • Eman Nabih

      By the way, you living in the west doesn’t give you the right to speak on behalf of all western and what they do believe and what they don’t. And if you do, then please provide their full names for credibility. Let western speak for themselves, What you mentioned is not true. You can speak for your self and not on behalf of all westerns


    • There is a big difference between reporting accurate information and facts and responding with an opinion, viewpoint, or even a bias versus reporting false information, stories, and lies to cover up and hide the truth to create a division, bias, and support a political agenda of a foreign country. Terrorism does not always relate to killing, in my opinion, like there is financial and economic terrorism. Organizations like Al-Jazeera are guilty of journalistic terrorism. Another very very bad news organization is MEMO, Middle East Monitor, who is suported by Michelle Dunne and Qatar. Qatar and the United States are the world’s largest state sponsors of terrorism. Look at what is happening in the United States! Presently 20 journalists critical of the Obama administration are missing, and look what happened to Breitbart, Hastings, and David Chase Taylor. What if Al – Jazeera says that the Egyptian government is corrupt without providing evidence, so what? I believe that falls under slander laws. But they are not only making criticisms and slander, but chaos and social unrest, Everyone knows that foreign intelligence operatives work through journalism, NGO’s, and human rights groups to push their political agendas. It is terrorism on the part of Al-Jazeera. Egyptian social media is also filled with operatives from foreign backed governments trying to push their false narratives. It is a form of terrorism, because it leads to unrest which is damaging to the social and economic structure of the country!