I denied myself the right to cry

Our oath to God, to win this battle against terrorism, no matter how precious is going to be the sacrifices #Long_Live-Egypt

Our oath to God, to win this battle against terrorism, no matter how precious is going to be the sacrifices

Every time there was an army or police soldier or Egyptian citizen martyr assassinated by the cowards Muslim Brotherhood mercenaries with cold blood, I used to cry because I’m a mother like all mothers…Not necessarily to have a precious son or daughter killed by terrorist, to feel what other mothers hearts feel, when they lose the light of their eyes…

But specifically after the 14th of August 2013, the day of the disengagement of the armed bloody sit-in in Rabaa and Nahda squares of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, and after seeing tortured bodies and innocents killed by Muslim Brotherhood (soldiers, civilians, judges, Christians and Muslims), I denied myself the right to feel sad or to even drop one tear. My sadness is silent since then…

I denied myself the right to feel frustration or defeat or broken.

I don’t possess any destructive weapon to fight the enemy…But who said that the weapon that really kills is bullets or bombs? These weapons are used by the Muslim Brotherhood mercenaries cowards, who think that shedding our blood and killing us, is going to make us disappear one day soon.

My weapon is hope, strong will, insistence, work hard, construction and development, giving, loving and belonging to my country, defend my homeland against the inside or outside enemy, with the “word” I possess, which is stronger than any weapon…

This word I’m talking about, is the word that toppled Muslim Brotherhood fascist regime “GO OUT” GO OUT, GO OUT…This was the word that we defeated the Muslim Brotherhood with, and whoever support terrorism in the entire world, the great day of 30 June 2013 revolution.

In order to win this fierce battle against Muslim brotherhood terrorists, we must not forget their crimes ever. We must not remember just the terrorism of today and totally forget the terrorism of yesterday. We must remember every blood drop of all our martyrs.

I believe that the devil is the human being. The devil is any and every human being who give himself the right to kill any soul created by God, and Muslim Brotherhood are the “DEVIL” that we must fight everywhere.

If you just negatively stood and watch their crimes against humanity, you are more criminal than they are…This is what Muslim Brotherhood want, that we keep silent…They are actually terrorizing us to keep us silent and scared. How many times they murdered us and terrorized us, and we kept silent?! Muslim Brotherhood thought and still think that our silence means that we accept what they are doing to us…

Egypt is our home, our honor and our children’s future, it is impossible that we gave up our honor or our children’s future.

I don’t want to live till I reach 70 or 80 years old and act with negativity and all I do, is just to pray to my God and ask him that justice fall down on our heads from the sky…

As long as I’m alive, I will fight with my word just like any Egyptian police or army soldier is doing in the battle field.

Muslim Brotherhood are the enemy of humanity. They are challenging God and think that it is them that say who live and who die…

The disbeliever or the atheist deny that God exist, but being a disbeliever or atheist doesn’t mean that they are criminals or terrorists…There are many disbelievers who are peace loving.

But those who pretend to be Mulsims or believers like the Muslim Brotherhood organization and their supporters are the real atheists and disbelievers. They are the most atheism because they are challenging God on earth and they are challenging God in his capabilities.

Our oath to God, to win this battle against terrorism and meantime, we build our country, no matter how precious is going to be the sacrifices.